Image by James Doherty


Two years on and the HDSLR revolution shows no sign of slowing down. James jumped on this cinematography revolution early and has successfully harnessed the capabilities of this new breed of cameras to create some stunning short films. James is capable of taking your ideas and creating imagery that will impress your prospective clients. This is all achieved within a seamless in-house service, providing comprehensive guidance from the scripting phase, technical expertise in planning your shoot, cinematography, post production, editing and grading, right through to the packaging of the final product. contact james on:sales "at"

Previous Cinematography:

CinemaPicture AMSA Golden Ticket Campaign In 2011 the AMSA Medical Student convention is coming to Sydney, and it's shaping up to be the largest, and best ever. This video is a teaser, shown a year before the convention in a bid to excite students and generate interest in the forthcoming convention.
CinemaPicture A Trail Of Twenty Pieces WINNER CONFEST 2009, Concord Hospital Film Festival 2009 was based on the theme '20'. This, the winning entry was written directed and produced for the film festival.
CinemaPicture Global Health Conference 2011 Global Health Conference organisers approached JDP to produce a short film that would provoke thought, and encourage potential delgates to think about the effect of poverty, and lack of infrastructure on health care delivery.
CinemaPicture NSW AMSA Executive Bid Video Approached by the NSW bid team to highligh the plight of medical students as the increase in graduate numbers increases. This film introduces the executive with a funny play on the question "What will you do with your medical degree?"
CinemaPicture Jizz In My Scrubs (Parody) Produced for the 2009 University of Sydney Medical Review, this is a parody of a parody, which has gone viral in medical schools around the country.